About Us


“Our vision is to connect companies with influencers who can help them grow.”


Hello, and welcome to The DOTI.

In a world where the importance of social media continues to grow, we have created a platform that encourages the connection between companies and influencers, so that both parties can grow. By utilising each others strengths, both parties can benefit from the connection, that may never have happened otherwise.

Influencers everyday are growing more powerful, as their following continues to climb, and their platform continues to grow. However, many influencers either do not realise their potential, or do not know how to utilize their account effectively. With DOTI, influencers are connected with companies who fit together symbiotically for mutual benefits.

The DOTI is brand new, and growing daily, with more and more influencers around the United States signing up, and being at the ready to promote. For companies looking for a new way to promote their product or service, and to gain actual awareness, their has not been a better chance to connect with individuals who have the power to help.

The concept of getting influencers to promote products and services is not new, however being able to connect with them at ease is. With a quick conversation, your next social media campaign can be in the works, and ready to go live directly to your target audience.

So whether you are a influencer, or a company, find out what The DOTI can offer you today and CONNECT. INFLUENCE. GROW.