Joining DOTI

Welcome to DOTI, the Database of Trending Influencers.

You have reached this page becuase you have a significant influence on one or more of your social media accounts, and are now looking to monetise or gain free products from your success. There are many benefits from signing up to the database, so by following the 5 step guide outlined below, you could become a part of DOTI today.


Why should you sign up and joing the DOTI? This is the first and most important question that we have to answer for you. Below are just some of the benefits of being apart of our database.


DOTI allows influencers to make money from their social media accounts, in a safe and efficient way, that brings the companies to you.


DOTI allows influencers to make receive freebies, through posting pictures and reviewing products. Your influence counts!


DOTI protects their influencers by verifying all jobs before you are even contacted. Guaranteed to be hassle free!


DOTI offers its influencers a platform to grow. It is the perfect opportunity to interact with companies and other influencers.


The following is a step by step guide explaining how DOTI works and what you need to do to become a part of it.

Can you answer “yes” to the following questions?

  1. Do you have a social media account on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?
  2. Do you have over 2000 followers on your account?
  3. Do you have a positive follower ratio.
  4. Do you average over 300 likes a picture?
  5. And finally… and most importantly… do you want to make money or receive free stuff for posting ad related content?


If you could, you are eligble to sign up to DOTI. Please go to the next step, and continue.


Time to sign up!

To be added to the database, you must first fill out a questionaire in regards to your social media account(s). The questionaire allows us to create your Influencer profile, so that you can be matched with appropriate businesses and/or products. Click Here to sign up now.

All of your data that is received is stored in our offline database, and not shared with anyone.

IMPORTANT!! You must be as honest as possible throughout this questionaire, otherwise you will be removed from the database immediately.


Sit back and relax… well kind of!

Once you have been registered to the database you will now be able to monetise your social media account according to your own personal preference.

Influencers on the database will receive regular updates about job opportunites through either email or text. You have full control over what jobs you do, by opting in if you are interested.

All jobs will be checked and verified before you even hear about them, minimising spam and making your life easier.


What are the options?
There are three different types of jobs that you will be able to opt in to, each with different levels of payment and gifts.



This type of job is really as simple as the title states. This job type requires the influencer to post at a set post, at a set time, for a set duration, for a set price. You will receive payment for this job after the set duration has been completed. It requires very little work as all information and content is provided.



This type makes influencers money and gets them freebies, as it requires you to interact with a company or product and then post about your experience. You will receive these offers based on your profile and your influence. All freebies will be received before making the post, however again, no payment will be made until after the posts’ specified duration.



For this type of job, you are becoming a vital part of the companies social media marketing campaign. You will be posting several times over a longer duration, depending on the jobs specification. This type of job tends to be a combination of the two previous types, as you take a brand ambassador role.

Job Complete!

After completing a job, you will receive your payment. Pay also includes any tips that may have been added by the company due to your fine work or unexpected success.

You will also be requested to fill out a short feedback survey, evaluating your job, experience and the company that you worked with.

Eligible to sign up and join Doti? Click Now


Interested in what DOTI can offer you? Want to know more about joining the database,  or have a few questions? Complete the following form, and a member of our team will get back to you within 24 hours.