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Welcome to DOTI,
For those who do not already know, DOTI is the Database of Trending Influencers, offering an efficient and effective way for clients to promote their products or services on a variety of social media platforms using influencers. By working with DOTI you can excel your companies marketing like never before, by targeting your market in a way that is most convenient to them.



Influencers and their unrivalled marketing power is only going to continue to grow.

DOTI allows businesses and influencers to connect, creating inroads to markets that in hindsight could have very expensive, or even impossible to reach.

Influencers have a following for a reason, and that is because people care about their content. By connecting with influencers, instead of investing in other paid forms of social media advertising you can actually be seen in a specific target market, with the guarantee of a certain number of people seeing your content, ones who are more likely to interact with your business.


Paid campaigns on social media will soon become a thing of the past.

From our experience, and many other’s, the promises that are made when you are initially consider investing in a paid social media campaign, never seem to match up to the results. In a model where success comes at a price, its is definitly worth considering the alternatives.

With DOTI you no longer have to gamble on your campaigns, or be over charged anymore. All our influencers are profiled, therefore accurate estimations can be given, whilst a competitive rate is being charged for their services. Depending on the service that you need, the price will vary, however it will be in accordance to results, leaving all of our clients feeling satisfied with their service.


Remember… Time is Money!

For those companies who understand the benefits of using influencers online, they also understand the difficulties of finding an indiviudal willing to partner together, and then also having to negotiae a fair deal for both.

At DOTI we take care of all that for you, connecting the perfect match with your business, so that you do not have to. Comparing the influencers profile, to your campaign requirements, we take care of all the work inbetween, and make your campaign a reality as soon as possible. You have the idea and we make sure it happens and gets the results that you want.


At the end of the day, your social media presence is more important than when the day started.

DOTI offers you the chance to connect with individuals who can help you keep with the current trend, grow your social media presence.

With technology constantly innovating and the world of marketing ever changing, one thing that constantly remains the same for businesses is the effectiveness of “Word of mouth” marketing. Why? Because there is no better form of promotion than a friend or family memeber recommending a product or service. DOTI lets you connect with individuals with the tools to help you achieve a form of promotion with similar effect.




This is the simplest form of connection with our influencers. You provide the content and we will make it achieve a set reach based on your budget and target market. This method of promotion is very simple, and requires very little effort on your part. Simply provide the content, sit back and relax.



They say a picture is worth a 1000 words, and this rule also applys for promoting your business. Get your companies’ product or service into the hands of the influencer, captured on camera, and viewed by all of their followers. Provide a sample, and we will do the rest.



Social media is our “thing”, so leave it to us! By strategically planning of a full scale social media campaign for your company, we will maximise your results after everything has been taken into consideration.  A combination of many factors will form into one fully developed campaign


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